O What a panic!

Timorous Beasties are renowned for their glorious fabrics and wallpapers, applying original artwork to surfaces to great effect. It was only natural then that they would try their hand at cushions, that oh so simple yet fiendishly complicated medium. You think I'm joking? Then I suggest you try it.

Successful cushions are few and far between, mostly they all look the same or are basic, only a few pass muster and become desirable in their own unique right. Spray Tag and Graffiti Drip are two such cushions, cushions that are daring even for Timorous.

Both are a riot of colour on velvet, not so much a design as an explosion in a paint factory. They really do their best to defy description, they absolutely shouldn't work, but they do, on almost anything.

They add colour and an artistic sentiment to any situation, they start conversations and stop arguments, they lighten moods and darken corners, they lift spirits and drown out acceptable good taste. They are happy, hippy and trippy, ideal for shaking sensibilities, startling horses and scaring crows, the perfect potent antidote for any dull sofa in your life.

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