At some point you might decide that your Rume sofa could do with a splendid new outfit. It may be that you have moved house or changed your interior or perhaps the dog has buried a bone in one of the seat cushions. It might just be that wear and tear and fifteen years of secretly being a trampoline have got the better of it and it is looking more shabby than chic, if so we can help.

There was a time when getting a piece of furniture reupholstered was the norm, frames would always outlast the upholstery and fabric, and throwing away a sofa would have been considered profligate madness. But these days furniture frames are rarely designed to last more than a few years and seldom worth the investment of reupholstering making your home little more than a layby on the way to the tip. Nothing ever lasts until we throw it away, then it lasts forever.

Rume sofas are an exception, they are made from sustainable materials, designed to be timeless and built to prevail. If the fabric has seen better days then reupholstering a Rume sofa or chair is always a good idea. Just send us some photos of it and we will quickly determine the level of work necessary, it may be that it just needs recovering or possibly new upholstery and cushions are required.

If you are some distance away we can send you some fabric swatches based on your preferences and once we know what you like we will email you a quotation outlining the work needed, the price and the cost of transport.

No one is better qualified to reupholster our furniture than we are so if you are considering it why not contact us first?


Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does reupholstery cost?
The cost can vary considerably depending on the work that is needed. Please contact us for a chat and an individual quotation.

How long does reupholstery take?
From first contact to completion usually takes about eight weeks. Once you have selected your fabric we will wait for it to come in before collecting the piece of furniture, this way you shouldn't be without it for more than three or four weeks.

Does Rume arrange collection and delivery?
Yes, we will arrange both. A price for transport will be given with your quotation. It is calculated on a case by case basis at cost. Two men will be provided. Collections and deliveries local to the Rume store are £60.00 each way.

Will Rume replace the upholstery foam or repair the frame?
We will have determined whether new upholstery foam is needed during the quotation but if, during the work, we discover anything else (other than cushions) needs replacing we will do it free of charge. We will also check the frame for any damage and repair it when possible, this will also be free of charge.

How do I choose a new fabric?
If you are a local or fancy a road trip you can pop into our Hove store to peruse our collection. Otherwise we will send you fabric samples through the post based on your preferences.

Which fabric suppliers does Rume offer?
We work with many fabric and leather suppliers, including Bute, Kvadrat, Designers Guild, Sorensen, Camira, Gabriel, Maharam, Romo, Kirkby, Mark Alexander, Andrew Martin to name a few.

Can I supply my own fabric?
Yes, but you must provide a certificate from the fabric supplier to confirm that it is compliant with UK fire regulations. It will also not carry a Rume fabric guarantee.

Do you ever reupholster non-Rume products?
Absolutely, if we think it is worthwhile, some old frames are lovely and definitely worth keeping. Just contact us with a photo and we will tell you what we think.