Rume Interior

Rume Interior

Rume Interior is here to help you help yourself. We are not interior designers exactly, we don’t do walls, floors or curtains but we can help you to decide what furniture to buy and where to place it. Assuming of course that the furniture is ours.

We can provide you with enough information to make the correct choice, we won’t make the choice for you but we will politely tell you when you are wrong. We can produce detailed drawings of any interior for a fixed fee, which will be fully refunded when you place your order. All we require are some accurate measurements and some good photos of the space in question and once the model is rendered in CAD we will place various pieces of our furniture into it.

We can create full furniture schemes with sofas, dining tables, dining chairs, cabinets, armchairs, every piece of furniture you could possibly want, or just a single sofa. We can design bespoke corner systems or original custom pieces that fit perfectly into a given space and provide images so that you know exactly how the finished item will look.

Included below are a few examples of our work, successful schemes that we have completed. If you are feeling a little stuck just contact us and we will be only too glad to help.


Example 1: Two Ruben sofas, a custom coffee table, a Fret Cabinet, a Poynt dining table and six Caile dining chairs. A fabulous open plan apartment in need of a full rework. We created a new living area and a comfortable dining space with added storage from a four door cabinet.


Example 2: A Powis corner, a Smithfield, a Pelham Ottoman, a 4square dining table and eight Caile dining chairs. A very satisfying commission where we designed the whole ground floor. The house was open plan and so we created different zones within the space with the furniture.


Example 3: A custom Unity corner sofa, a Lithe deep buttoned ottoman and a Poynt dining table with Caile dining chairs. Here we made an asymmetric U shaped custom Unity corner system and a large ten seater Poynt dining table. The lime green Ottoman worked as the perfect counterpoint.


Example 4: A Welbeck corner sofa and a Thrall armchair and footstool.A wonderful modern interior for which we made a custom Welbeck corner system and a prototype Thrall. The angular lines of the furniture were very suited to the sparse interior.