New Designs

New Designs

At Rume we are always trying to come up with the next new furniture thing but designing anything original is always fraught with danger and disappointment. You don’t want to spend hours working on something fabulous only to find that it is an unintentional copy of something that was first designed in Brazil in 1952. So how do I know that I haven’t seen something fleetingly and then summoned it up later as my own? I don’t.

For this reason it is becoming increasingly difficult to think of anything new without a little creative denial. Any resemblance to sofas living or dead is purely coincidental. The internet is a constant reminder of how massive the world is, anything I can think of has probably been thought of before, somewhere. The only option is combinations of old ideas put together in original ways. A bit like words, we've heard them all before but new poetry is still possible, thoughts made flesh. Originality is now diversity.

So with that in mind welcome to some of my new designs. Well, new ish. Here I will show you what we have in development, designs that are new to me at least. I will write a little description about each piece and maybe where the idea came from, that way if you recognise something from somewhere else you will at least be able to feel a little sympathy for poor ole deluded me.

If you really like something then let us know and we can make it for you, it will probably be the very first of its kind, apart from the thousands of near identical ones in Sao Paulo.


bosun chair