The B word

So okay enough, I tried to bite my tongue, to keep mum, shtum, my trap shut, to not speak about something I could not possibly understand. Sure I knew the whole thing was an act of immense vainglorious self-harm but that was about it and only my opinion. Others thought differently so I figured the resolution of the referendum should be left to experts because surely the people who initiated this must have some sense of where it was going. What was I thinking? Now I realise that every person who cast a vote is an expert, that the entire adult population of the country is a leading authority, that every opinion, no matter how partisan or ill conceived is correct. When trying to decide whether to leave well alone or to pull the country’s brain out through its nose who better to ask than the postman? Or a builder? Or an economist? Or me? The idea that anyone knows anything about this shitshow is clearly laughable, where leaving the EU is concerned everyone is an idiot.

I am now at saturation point, I don’t want to hear another word, read another article, suffer another random bout of contradiction. But nor do I have any desire to get it done just because getting it done is now the least worst option. The idea of having swam so far out that we have lost sight of land so we might as well keep swimming is ridiculous. Unless perhaps we’re swimming to France.

If this nonsense proves anything at all it is that we no longer need politicians, we haven’t been governed in any meaningful way for over three years and yet here we are still. We thrive in spite of politics, not because of it. It’s why politicians work so hard to seem indispensable, they know that whatever happens if they wait long enough they can give themselves a pat on the head and a biscuit. They’re a bit like god that way, happy to take the credit for your cat surviving the fire but unwilling to take any responsibility for your house burning down.

The country is tearing itself apart, family against family, citizen against citizen. Nationalism recoils from the fear of the foreign, big industry trips over stumbling blocks and small businesses seize with uncertainty, and all the while the government has its fingers in its ears making la la noises. It will force through its sponsors accursed deal, run for cover and regardless of the damage it does it will sit back and wait until the country sorts itself out, which it will. We will survive the unnecessary turmoil, we will overcome, we will reconcile our differences because we are better people than our politicians. Then when the dust has settled and we have once again fixed their mess they will puff out their chests, look us straight in the eye and say, ‘See how clever we are? We did this.’

Clarification: Obviously there are some good politicians out there doing their very best, you know who you are so kindly disregard my temerity. Of course, if you think you're one of the good guys chances are you might not be.

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