Respect Your Self

The wing chair is a very familiar English form, one that has been around for over three hundred years. The wings were there originally to trap warmth from a nearby fire or to protect delicate ladies from perilous drafts. Later, in the club’s of gentlemen, the wings grew larger to give the occupier of the chair a little privacy but in recent years they have become more about form than function. The wings of the Self certainly serve little practical purpose, unless that purpose is to look utterly fantastic, they are designed mostly for drama and to lend the chair a compelling presence. 

With a beautiful sinuous outside back, five button detail and long slender legs the Self is magnificent to behold from all angles. It is also very comfortable so if you should wish to sit near an open fire with a suitable preoccupation and make like it’s the 1600’s for a few hours there’s nothing to stop you.

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