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Raimond Puts was an extraordinary man with a very singular vision. He wanted to bring the starry night sky indoors and spent many years trying to do it.

It is very unusual for a light to come along that is completely new but Raimond Puts timed the culmination of his work perfectly, not only did he find an enthusiastic partner in Moooi but also found a suitable light source, something that he was beginning to believe he would never find.

Raimond's light consisted of two metal grid spheres one inside the other and it was always his intention to join them with light bulbs, this had never proven practical but LEDs made it possible. LEDs are a marvel, requiring very little power yet providing a beautiful warm white glow.

Sadly Raimond died just as the light was coming to market so now the twinkling pattern of the LEDs have become Put's constellation, a lasting tribute to a man whose legacy can be found amongst the stars.

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