Deep Sea Blues

The Meshmatics Chandelier is a perfect example of creating something extraordinary out of nothing in particular. In this case wire netting. Who would have thought that simple steel mesh could ever look this glorious? Rick Tegelaar, that's who. Rick elevates the humble to the divine, and believe me when I say it isn't easy, I once tried to make a Lamborghini out of an egg box, didn't work out so well. Though I was seven.

Rick thankfully is far more successful in his reappropriation and goes to great lengths to prove his concepts. In this case developing a special machine and all the necessary tools to weave the wire with sufficient accuracy, grace and unexpected beauty.

 With the Meshmatics the full potential of this thin and flexible material is realised, stretched and moulded into three layers of glimmering glamour. The structure reflects and refracts, diffusing the light of the integrated LED with a lightness of being that gives the chandelier an ephemeral almost bioluminescence, like the most beautiful and delicate of deep sea creatures.


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