A very heavy session

So okay, in my capacity as a furniture designer in a world where very little that is original is allowed enough oxygen to catch fire, I give you the Session. It’s a chair and by extension a sofa. I can’t pretend that chairs are original, they are everywhere, and the more successful ones tend to be defined by our ceaseless determination to sit, and like gloves, have to be function shaped. In this case the function is to comfortably accommodate the human body whilst semi-supine, hopefully with a modicum of style.

If a chair or sofa can export some style to its human import then all the better and I can cheerfully report, having sat in the Session, that not only is it comfy but it also made me look fabulous, though admittedly I look pretty fabulous anyway. How can you not want that in your life? Simply by sitting you look cool, slightly distant, mysteriously engaged in your own inner workings, and when you get up the human shaped hole you leave behind cries out with yearning.

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